The reason why a lot of people fail exam is because they don’t attend seminar for the programme they are applying for.Here is an opportunity for you to attend the forthcoming seminar for those who are appling for 2015/2016 academic session of school of part-time programme university of lagos. CALL MR FORTUNATE ON 07039740031 FOR ANY ENQUIRY.THE SEMINAR IS SATURDAY & SUNDAY.The seminar will address the following key topics:1.The secret of passing part-time entrance examination 2.The marking style of the entrance exam.3.The grading system of the entrance exam.4.The cut-off mark for all the courses offered in part-time programme entrance examination.5.What to do when you did’nt meet the cut-off be sure of follow up after the examination has been conducted.Be sure you will enter the programme of your choice after attending the seminar unless you are not ready to start the can call to book your space now on 07039740031.the first 20 persons will receive a book titled:UNIVERSITY FRESHERS COMPREHENSIVE HANDBOOK.If you can pay at the bank,come to the venue with the #5,000 and if you have paid come with your tell.the seminar starts:10am to 8pm on saturday while sunday seminar starts:2pm-8pm.if you can come on saturday because of tight schedule,on sunday is another opportunity for you to attend.NO EXCUSS IS GENUINE ENOUGH TO JUSTIFY FAILURE.
the procedure for attending the programme:pay the sum of five thousand naira to:account name:OKONYE DELE SHERIFF.ACCOUNT NO:0016344438.GTBANK.The venue for the seminar is at Akoka.

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